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A growing number of clients, deadlines on subsequent tasks and increasingly engaging businesses, after some time, lower the company’s capacity. At that moment entrepreneurs often seek a reliable partner who could become responsible for part of the assignments difficult to tackle alone.
Such a partner should possesses the following characteristics:

  • Observe the deadlines and take the dates he commits to seriously.
  • Understand all aspects of digital marketing and be able to effectively implement them.
  • Offer high quality products or services that even the best would be proud of.

Many of our clients look for such a business partner. Luckily for them, they find us and can rest assured that their projects are in good hands.

Presentation of clients – a valuable asset

When hiring an interactive agency, we want to make sure that we have made the right choice. However, before we decide on a particular company, it is worth reviewing its portfolio. It is the prestige of its clients that shows professionalism and status of a given agency. Frogriot can pride itself on its impressive portfolio since we have collaborated with the best of the best – the likes of ORSAY, Orange, Volvo or Tchibo. Such brands require quality and we are sure to deliver it.

In the course of our work, particular attention should also be paid to sports projects: the work on the image in the digital scope for Agnieszka Radwańska or creating software used to support tournaments and tennis organizations (such as the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association – GPTCA and the ATP World Tour in Houston).

We happily present our client testimonials, make work progress available for inspection, and are open to any suggestions. So if your goal is to find an agency that will take care of business professionally – pay attention to its clients. This will allow you to find out whether your partner is on the ball or rides the bench.

We can guarantee you three things:

1. Satisfaction
2. Satisfaction
3. And more Satisfaction.

About Frogriot

Frogriot is a small but thriving interactive agency, located in the very heart of Europe. Our office is situated in Wrocław, which gives us an excellent connection, both by air and motorway, to Western Europe.
Our mission is to create beautiful, engaging, and functional digital solutions which will naturally connect users with our clients and change the Internet for the better. We excel at creating advanced Internet services (web pages, web applications, SaaS based startups) where our UX designers, coders, programmers and graphic designers can spread their wings. Our other undertakings include advertising creations and visual identity.
We always strive to put 110% of effort in the work, because we believe that only passion and full commitment to the project are determinants and a guarantee of success. The success you deserve.
Sometimes the companies we collaborate with ask us whether we have the necessary resources for the challenge. The best answer is the level of complexity of our recent projects, among others: – financial, insurance and product service comparison engine (similar to
• SaaS software for startup dealing with services for companies and online booking –
• And a website for a tennis tournament in Houston
These and other projects can be found in our portfolio on our website and on Behance platform. If you are curious about our achievements check our portfolio – we assure you that it will help you with forming a positive opinion about our company.

Prices and settlement model at Frogriot

When looking for a partner in Poland the price might be very important. Poland is famous for professional programmers who have time and time again proved their value at international programming contests such as Imagine Cup or Google Code Jam. At the same time, with Poland being a country working its way up the economic ladder, the cost of advanced IT specialists is relatively lower, especially when compared to wealthier European countries.
At FROGRIOT the labor cost of a single senior developer and senior graphic designer makes us a very competitive company on European market. What’s more, you gain confidence that you have made the right choice in opting for a compromise between price and quality.
Depending on the particular project requirements, flexibility when it comes to settlement might be an important indicator of an experienced company. When collaborating with our clients we use two settlement models:
• FixedFee – for smaller projects with precise requirements.
• Time &Material – for bigger projects that require agile software development. In this model we use SCRUM methodology, which, in our opinion, is the most effective and allows the greatest control over the project.
A perfect agency to work with is one that approaches every entrusted task with passion, devotion and dedication. It is also one that, thanks to its experience and responsibility, becomes a reliable partner for many years to come. Finally, the quality of provided projects is another vital feature. Certainly, that’s the agency you’re looking for. Luckily, at FROGRIOT we meet these requirements with flying colors. We employ dedicated people who live and breathe their work. Their experience and talent are the values which translate to the final result of work. We provide the highest standards of service. What we do is a masterpiece in every way.

Test drive

Many clients are on the fence when it comes to the choice of a remote subcontractor. Very often their budgets are large, and projects they conduct are too serious to allow even slightest mistakes or hesitation. In such case, it’s a good idea to order an easy test project whose execution will convince the satisfied client to say yes. At Frogriot we approach such tasks with joy, no matter whether it is UX design, an easy landing page or key visual. In fact, we got our biggest order after executing a simple task, which was creation of a set of banners for the Google Display Network.

Approach to the client

Regardless of the size of the company, our every client wants to feel special. We are aware of this and that is why an individual project manager is assigned to each project. We love to work with clients who know the specifics of SCRUM methodology and by taking part in everyday teleconferences they become an essential part of the project team and have full control over the course and way the project is developed.
For us you are not just an anonymous brief; you become the reason and purpose of work. And we can appreciate that. At our agency, all employees know the clients and their needs, and thus can approach them precisely and meticulously take care of execution of tasks.

Meeting with the client

If you are considering working with us, we will gladly invite you to a meeting during which we can get to know each other better and discuss the project requirements. The meeting can take place at our office in Wrocław or in your city of operation. We have partners from London, Dublin, Houston or Brussels who, after visiting us in Wrocław, decided to cooperate with Frogriot. If you don’t have the time or capability to visit us, you can always call us or have a teleconference.


Do you finally know what kind of a business partner is perfect for you? Contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly talk with you about the project and our potential cooperation. It will be a good start of our journey, at the end of which awaits a high quality project created especially for you by FROGRIOT.
You have the chance to be on the top and we will help you achieve it!

Adam Mucha

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